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AYESHA SIDDIQA GIRLS SCHOOL is an Independent day school , we cater for Muslim girls between 11-19 years old. Currently we have 84, students on our roll. We are located on the second and third floors of Abu bakr Mosque in Southall, in the London Borough of Ealing, and have been operating since 2007.

We allow admissions, subject to terms and conditions*, all year around for all students except GCSE level students. We achieved a ‘Good’ in most areas, below are some highlights of the Ofsted Inspection Report 2014.

‘Students’ behaviour and personal development are good due to the good Alima (Islamic jurisprudence) course that helps to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well’.

Students make good progress in English and mathematics. In the sixth form students make good progress in their chosen subjects, including in English’

British Values

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As a school, we have a duty to promote British values and a duty to ensure that our students develop in to well informed and responsible citizens of British Society. British Values is not... READ MORE

Student Voice

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The new term brings exciting opportunities for our students. We have been voting in School monitors, and The School council Members. We have also delegated responsibilities to students to manage the following areas:... READ MORE